How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

Most new bloggers focus on how they can get more traffic to their blog or website.
To get more traffic to a blog or website is not a big deal only if you can follow the STRATEGIES involved in getting more traffic.

Most newbies wonders!! what are the strategies I must follow in order to get more traffic?
But never let that bother you right now because am going to highlight everything you need to know about getting more traffic to a blog or website .

Note: please calm down and read thoroughly till the end of this article in order to gain one thing or the order. 

Now let's get back to the topic:
How To Drive  More Traffic To My Blog?

Like I said earlier getting more traffic involves some strategies you must follow.
The strategies are mention below:
1. Write on an interesting Topic (Niche)2. SEO set up (Search Engine Optimization)3. Add social media  share button to your blog 4. Interact with visitors5. Get social

Now am going to explain the following strategies for better understanding.

1. Write an Interesting Topic

Writing on a niche that no one is interested in is absolutely a waste time, no matter how good your content is.
To write a good content and driving more traffic to your site is all about delivering an interesting content to your reader.
As a newbie you may be wondering how to write an interesting topic . No worries because I will explain it here.

All you need to do in order to deliver an interesting topic to your reader is listed below;
  • Select a topic you want to write on.
  • Make research about the selected topic 
  • Get enough ideas from your research .
  • Think of how you can put together all the ideas gotten to make a good content.
Now you are good to go.

2. SEO set up (Search Engine Optimization)

A blog or website without a SEO set up is absolutely a waste . stop wasting your time waiting for your blog or site to rank and get more traffic on Google if you don't have a search Engine optimization set up.

But never let that bother you, because am going to highlight all you need to do for your site to start ranking and driving more traffic on Google.

Before starting a blog post , every single content you write should have a KEYWORD that can easily be rank by Google. e.g
'How To Drive  More Traffic To My Blog" is a keyword that is easily recognized by Google.
Obviously, if you want to rank and drive more traffic on Google you need to make use of 'TRENDING KEYWORDS" as you headline and make the keyword appear once or twice while writing the blog post .
If you can do this , them you site is good to go on Google .

3. Add social media share button to your blog .

Not having social media  share button on your blog post is part of what is affecting your traffic. 
Having social media share button on your blog post help visitors  to share valuable content from your site to their families and friends , and visitor sharing your blog post are helping your site to go viral and drive more traffic to your blog .

If you don't have social share button on your site , definitely you site design is poor.
Meet or contact your website designer to ensure your have all that.

4. Interact with visitors.

When you interact with visitors and and help provide an answer to their questions.
Then your site is in a good position to be rank on Google , because Google also look at that when ranking sites.

5. Get social.

Not having a social media pages for your site is part of what is affecting your traffic.

You can't just sit and wait for Google to drive more traffic to  your blog when you are not helping matter by having all social media pages for your site.

You need to have social media pages for your website to help in driving more traffic such as ; Instagram page, Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn and so on.
Once you have created all this account for your website, please always make sure you share every single content on your site to all your social media pages and get visitors redirected to your site to read your content.
If you do this you get more traffic .

If you can do all that is mentioned and explained above , then there is nothing to bother about because your site will start driving more traffic and rank well on Google as soon as possible.

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