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You are welcome to this platform, previously we wrote a review about which claim to be an income programe that pays users while completing some tasks on thier website, meanwhile it scam people of their information and sell it to third parties.

We mostly write reviews on online income program concerning  how you can make money while at your comfort zone and also  guide you to beware  of some fake online income programs.
Today am going to tell you about the newly online Forum which is  currently trending on the internet known as ZAYFUN.

Disclosure: We independently research and write reviews on online income programs and we try to avoid leading people into scam.Please contact; [email protected] with proof if any program starts a scam related activity so we can report them and save more people from harm.

Table Of contents
  • What is ZayFun all about?
  • How Does ZayFun Works?
  • Is ZayFun Legit Or It's a Scam?

Above are the topics am going to write on concerning
Now,I will be explaining each of this topics above.  for better understanding I urge you to calm down and read every pieces of this writing for you to know if you are wasting your time and data on or not.
Let's begin.....

1. What is ZayFun All About

ZayFun is a newly launched online forum which claim to pay users for joining them in affiliates marketing 

2. How Does ZayFun Works

Below is the full details of how it works;
  • Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of 200 points
  • Reading News earn you 5 points
  • Comment on post you earn 5 points
  • Daily Login bonus is 50points
  • You Earn 100 points for Sharing our Daily sponsored post
  • You Earn 100 points for sharing our Daily Campaign Advert.
  • Earn ₦1000 for Referral Bonus.

Minimum payout for referral earners is 3,000 (DailY payment)

Minimum payout for Non referrals is 7,000 Gas point ( Every2weeks). 

3. Is ZayFun Legit Or It's a Scam?

I will not say it's a scam or it's legit, but according to my finding, this site is less than 6month of age since is been launched. 
And site  like this will end up not paying because they can't afford to pay a dime when they are not making enough.

The purpose of the site establishing a way for users to earn is to attract users and make use of the users time and data by promoting their site for them in order to get more traffic.

My dear reader  am not saying this site is legit or scam but instead of wasting your time and data there, I recommend you to start up your own online Business.

Click here; 

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