IVConnects Reviews: Scam Or Legit, And How Does  IVConnects Works

IVConnects Reviews: Scam Or Legit, And How Does IVConnects Works

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Table Of Contents

1. What Is IVConnets?

2. How Does IVConnects Works?

3. How To Earn On IVConnects.

4. Is IVConnects  a Scam Or Legit?

5. Disclaimer

NOTE: Please we strongly advice you to read this article from the start to the finish before doing anything with the site to help you  get a full knowledge on how to go about things....

1. What Is IVConnets?

IVConnects is a Social Media platform created by a well experienced entrepreneur, with the aim of connecting young entrepreneurs, students,elite and people from all works of life together from various places and creating employment opportunities thereby generating revenue from advertisement industries.

One of the motive of IVConnects is to help reduce unemployment in the society as well as letting people earn and make money while having fun.

Just  like other income programs after paying the registration fee as a new member, then you can now perform some task and earn when you finally reach the threshold.

2. How Does IVConnects Works?

The above header has addressed this question, but am still going to highlight some points and write brief note on it.

One time registration fee: You get registered and become a fully financial member on IVConnects website  with  one time registration of fee ₦1,700.

Activities Earning: this is where you earn most of your income. you are expected to do some task to start earning as member of the website. for those wondering what the task may be!!!

the tasks you are expected to do will be listed in our next header .

Referral Bonus: you get instant payment of ₦1,200 for each person you registered or refer to website.

3.How To Earn On IVConnects.

price tags are attached to every activities on this website, and once you complete any of the activity, then you stand a chance to  earn the price .

below are the ways of earning on IVConnects:

i.You get instant registration bonus of 1000 points once ur account is activated.

ii. You get instant ₦500 airtime for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on our official Facebook group.

iii. You get paid the amount of 5 points by clicking each of any news you see on the  website.

iv. You get paid 10 points by commenting on any articles on the platform.

v. Login bonus everyday is 150points

vi. Sponsored post everyday is 100points, and you get all of it when logging in daily.

3. Is IVConnects a  Scam Or Legit?

However, Team INCREDIBLE MEDIA can pronounce this site to be a legit site, because as at the time of writing this article,  no complaint has been made by a user concerning any fraudulent act and its currently paying their users But that does not mean they should be trusted. 

Note: their are  currently doing well now does not mean you should trust them, who knows!!! 

anything can happen in future. if you want to join and start earning, it is at your own risk.

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This is just an honest and most reliable reviews about IVCONNECTS  REVIEWS . 

We are not paid to promote the website  or paid for any form of tarnishing their online  reputation, This article is aimed at enlightening you about IVCONNECTS REVIEWS.

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