Bimagold.com Reviews: Legit, Scam Or Crashed. Find out!

Bimagold.com Reviews: Legit, Scam Or Crashed. Find out!

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NOTE: I would be writing about Bimagold.com below, all that is needed of you is to calm down and read from start to finish without skipping any line in order to know what Bimagold.com is all about before you invest your money.

firstly, I would be writing about what Bimagold.com is all about.

What Is Bimagold.com?

After several research, Bimagold.com is simply known for selling, buying and exchange of gold and also deals with investment of users gold.

According to the platform, 

"Bima gold is a company that deals with sales and mining of refined gold. Bima gold is among the leading gold merchants,

mining and selling refined gold to the international market. Bima gold is officially registered with CAC 3711447."

Vision: Our vision in Bima Gold is to stimulate growth by creating viable, accessible and profitable market opportunities for all clients and field workers.

Mission: Bima Gold mission is to remain among the top leading gold merchants in the international market by steadily enhancing our products. This will invariably lead to constant training innovation, policy review and market adaptation. Regardless of how the global market evolves, we are committed to remain at the cutting edge so as to be relevant and profitable to all our stakeholders .

How Does Bimagold.com Works

There is nothing much to say in this paragraph, already I explained the major aim of this platform above.

Bimagold.com is basically about buying, selling and exchange of gold.

Users who registered on Bimagold are expected to buy a gold package.

After purchasing , users get profit 20% profit of the gold purchase in seven days later.

It's like an investment of buying gold then wait for a certain time for it to add values or increase in price then you sell to take your profit.

How To Get Started On Bimagold.com

Follow the steps below to get started on this platform:

1. You need to register your complete details with Bima gold. Registration attract No charges.

2. Bima gold partners need to choose a gold package to make payment

3. All payments is made into Bima gold company account.

After purchasing a gold package, wait for seven days, On the Seventh day, you sell your gold to Bimagold by clicking the sell button on your dashboard and Get 20% profit from the gold purchased.

Note: Partners are free to request for their capital before the official withdrawal date with the incursion of 20% charges. 

How To Earn On Bimagold.com

There are two ways users can earn on Bimagold.com.
The two ways are mentioned below:

1. Referral: one can earn via inviting your friends or family to join with your link and you gain 10% bonus commission for referring them.

2. Investment: like I stated earlier, the platform simply about trading of gold, how users are expected to earn in this aspect is by purchasing a gold package then wait and sell it back to them on the 7th day after purchase.

NB: This is just a review to enlightened our site visitors, we are not endorsing or promoting this platform, therefore invest wisely after you must have done your research and invest what you can afford to lose incase if anything goes wrong.

Is Bimagold.com Scam or Legit?

As at the time of writing this article, no complaint has been made by a user concerning any fraudulent act. 

As at the time of writing this content, the platform is just a month old, so we can't tell if the platform is legit or a scam website but with time we would be able to tell with the help of your comment and reviews about the platform.

And make sure you do always make a thorough background research about any platform before you join to avoid "had I know" and always invest what you can afford to lose, as I always tell my readers.

For those interested in joining the platform, I do encourage you to join at early stage so you could milk out before anything goes wrong and make sure you join with what you can afford to lose.

Most plaforms do come out as legit but later crashed due to lack of funds to pay members.

Do you Know if this platform is a scam or legit?

please kindly drop comment to help us improve this Reviews.

In conclusion,

As at the time of writing this Reviews, the platform is not confirmed legit or scam because it's a new platform. if you want to join, kindly visit their site Bimagold.com and register. 


This is just an honest and most reliable reviews about BIMAGOLD.COM REVIEWS. 

We are not paid to promote the website or paid for any form of tarnishing their online reputation, this article is aimed at enlightening you about BIMAGOLD.COM REVIEWS.

Thanks for visiting our website......

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