Legit Way To Get Free Data On Your Mobile Phone.

Legit Way To Get Free Data On Your Mobile Phone.

Some people ask if truly there is a way to get free data in Nigeria.

We'll all be surprise if there really is a way to get free data, but the good news is that there is. The growth of technology increases everyday and no one knows the stoppage time. 

Here are the step you need to take to start using free data on your phone:

1- download HA tunnel plus app: what's ha tunnel plus??

HA tunnel plus app is am app made to give free data and to display ads, your data will be given to you, but watching ads will be used to sustain your data.


2- install and open the app and then make some selection: first, at the home display you will choose your server by clicking on the server area, I recommend you choose the "united states" as is described in the photograph above and then you will also need to choose your port: there just click on auto.

3- connection mode:

 you need to select your connection mode, if you are a Nigerian, you just need to scroll down on the list and choose the one you want.

There is Mtn 50mb/daily

There is also Mtn unlimited

And other bundles, you just need to select the one that suits you.

4- using the data 

Finally after making your selections, then click on start and allow it to load, once it loads your data will be given to your and the time you have to sustain it. If you need more time then you will click on "add time" where you will be redirected to watch ads, and after watching the ads your time will be added.

Requirements: you need a good phone and good network, and you also need some extra data to open up the app and load the connection mode.



Note: it can work with all network on the list(connection mode), and you can use the data by always entering the app and starting your connection mode and when you are done, you can stop the connection mode and exit the app.

Other apps that gives free data 

1- gigato app

2- earn talktime

3- my ads and more.

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