Sixthpanda.com Review: Legit or a Scam?

Sixthpanda.com Review: Legit or a Scam?


What's sixthpanda?

Sixthpanda is an online store that offers products such as homes, clothing, accessories, etc., As the site was among the top searched sites on ScamAdviser, I was compelled to analyze the site and write this review. 

Who is the owner of sixthpanda webshop?

According to Sixthpanda, they are owned and operated by Landbase Trading Co. Ltd which is located in the UK. Interestingly, the information contained here is in a form of a picture rather than words. This is a common trick by scammers who try to make it hard for people to directly copy the company's information and hint that there may be a number of websites using the same information.

After going through Landbase Company Ltd. on the UK’s Company House website, I found
out that the company is owned by Chinese nationals.


Sixthpanda’s customer reviews

We found mostly negative comments about Sithpanda.com online. 

One of the customers has complained that they never received their products despite paying for the order. Yet another customer claims they received the wrong measurements. We could not find any other reviews from other popular sites like Sitejabber, MyWOT, or Trustpilot.

Social media pages

We could not find any social media buttons on the site. This is very surprising as, in this day and age, companies have really invested in social media presence to attract more customers. However, we searched the same name on Facebook, we were surprised to see a number of pages with similar names.

This only adds to the confusion and lack of transparency on the webshop. When we checked on some of the pages, most are linked back by Sixthpanda.com. This seems like a deliberate attempt to confuse buyers. Most of the pages are run from several countries like Indonesia, China, and Germany.

Interestingly, some of the pages list different locations which only adds to the confusion. This looks like a deliberate attempt by scammers to appeal to buyers in the UK and the USA by listing those addresses.


There is a high likelihood that sixthpanda.com is a scam. There are a lot of red flags that are hard to ignore. The webshop is likely part of a Chinese network of dubious sites that operate under the facade of being businesses based in the UK. The site claims to be a part of Landbase Company Ltd, which has been associated with scam sites in the past.

We could only find negative reviews of the site and there are many social media handles from Sixthpanda which only adds to the confusion. Caution should be exercised when shopping at Sixthpanda.com. 

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