Review of Wild Cash: Is It a Scam?

Review of Wild Cash: Is It a Scam?


Review of Wild Cash: Is It a Scam?

This is the Wild Cash Review, welcome. You will discover all there is to know about Wild Cash in this review, including how to quickly start making money with the app. You must go through this page in its entirety to learn every last small detail about this app.

This is my first essay on how to generate money online, and the year is 2023. I hope you take advantage of this chance to start making money online.

Let's get going.

What is Wild Cash?

Hooked Protocol Technologies created the all-in-one earning app Wild Cash, which includes in-app staking, invite-to-earn, play to earn, and uHGT mining. The Wild Cash app was created by Hooked Protocol to encourage widespread use of the Web3 ecosystem.

How is Wild Cash put to use?

The Wild Cash app is a "play to earn" application that enables registered users to participate in quizzes and earn in-app Gold tokens as a result.

Additionally, it has an invite-to-earn function that allows users to recommend friends and get 5000 in-app Gold tokens each.

The ability to mine and stake in-app gold tokens that can be converted to uHGT and then exchanged for BUSD is another feature that users may take use of.

Widgets for Cash

The Wild Cash app contains a lot of functions, including:

Game of Quiz Cryptographic Wallet Mining Staking Referral Program

Wild Cash Game Quiz

The Wild Cash quiz game is an entertaining method to make money via the app since it increases user understanding of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the metaverse. Each quiz has a time slot of 12 am and 2 pm, and it has ten questions that must be completed properly to receive points. After the round is over, earnings are airdropped to the in-app wallet.

Wallet Wild Cash Crypto
Unknown Cash Wallet

Earnings are kept in a wallet on the Wild Cash app. The Binance smart chain is supported for deposits and withdrawals using the in-app wallet.

Users of the Hooked Protocol Wild Cash app may daily mine in-app Gold tokens using in-app NFTs that can be acquired with in-app Gold tokens. The software starts out allowing users to mine 10,000 Gold Tokens every day, and it can be upgraded to mine up to 30,00,000. You may exchange the in-app Gold tokens for uHGT.

You may stake in-app Gold tokens on the app to earn dividends every day at a rate of 3.93% APY. Staking yields, including your investment, may be withdrawn at any time.

Wild Cash Advisory

A user may earn 5000 in-app Gold tokens from Wild Cash's invite-to-earn program for each member they suggest.

Withdrawal of Wild Cash

You must provide your BUSD wallet address in the app's withdrawal request form in order to withdraw your Wild Cash rewards. If your request is approved, your wallet will be credited. The minimum withdrawal is 1.6 BUSD, and KYC is required for withdrawals up to 1,000 BUSD.

Install the Wild Cash app.

You may get the Wild Cash App straight from the Google Play Store or the App Store, or you can use this link to download and install it now.

Common Questions Regarding Wild Cash
Is Wild Cash a scam or legitimate?

Hooked Protocol's Wild Cash project is a legitimate earning software that is now rewarding customers who successfully complete the withdrawal review. Since you won't be depositing before you earn, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try right now. I'll let you know in this article if they turn out to be a scam for whatever reason.

How can I make money using Wild Cash?

On Wild Cash, there are four methods to make money:

play and win quiz

Staking in mining and invitations to earn (5000/ref).

How are Gold Tokens converted to uHGT?

Go to the app, choose the wallet menu, then click on exchange to exchange your Gold Tokens for uHGT.

What is the bare minimum to convert Gold Tokens to uHGT?

To switch to uHGT, you will need a minimum of 800,000 Gold Tokens. Anything below won't be accepted.

What is the Wild Cash withdrawal minimum?

Wild Cash may be transferred to your wallet on the Binance smart chain at a withdrawal threshold of 1.6 BUSD.


To boost widespread acceptance of the Web3 ecosystem, Hooked Protocol developed Wild Cash. Since the platform's launch, all users have been allowed to play, mine, stake, invite, and earn on it. You may join today to get started earning right away. Gratitude for reading.

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