Review of Yellow Card: Simple Way to Purchase Bitcoin and USDT

Review of Yellow Card: Simple Way to Purchase Bitcoin and USDT


Review of Yellow Card: Simple Way to Purchase Bitcoin and USDT

The easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether at the cheapest prices and with no fees is via Yellow Card, an African cryptocurrency exchange.

Yellow Card makes it easy to purchase cryptocurrencies, and depending on your area, they provide a range of payment methods. Yello Card is now operational in 14 African nations, with intentions to cover more of the continent.

In this review, I'll go through Yellow Card's features, its use case, how to use the app, how to trade cryptocurrencies using the app, and other Yellow Card-related subtopics.

Let's get going.

Describe Yellow Card.

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange called Yellow Card makes it straightforward to buy cryptocurrencies with cash. With the help of the Yellow Card app, users can purchase, sell, and trade Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum for cash as well as transfer, receive, and store cryptocurrencies in a secure wallet.

What is the Yellow Card Process?

Users may buy, sell, and trade the cryptocurrencies offered by Yellow Card using their local money on this cryptocurrency marketplace. You may transfer, receive, and store bitcoins if you have a Yellow Card account.

Yellow Card users who register get access to a private, protected crypto wallet with the aforementioned characteristics. Signing up for a yellow card takes less than two minutes.

Features of Yellow Cards

Secured Bitcoin Wallet

Users of the Yellow Card app may transfer, receive, and store Bitcoin, tether, and Ethereum in a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

Trade between Individuals

On the yellow card app, users who wish to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies are instantly paired with other yellow card users who are also looking to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The same holds true for deposits made via P2P that are made in Fiat.

Free Transfer for Users with Yellow Cards

When sent to the phone number associated with Yellow Card, Fiat and cryptocurrencies may be sent to other Yellow Card members at no cost.

Level and Limits for Yellow Card Accounts

The number of transactions you may do each day is based on the level of your account, which varies every Yellow Card. Transaction limitations apply to all Yellow Card account levels.

Users who wish to transact more than their account restrictions must complete and verify their KYC since the greater your account level, the higher your transaction limits. The Yellow Card account tiers and their respective account restrictions are shown below.

Tier 1 Yellow Card Account

Account maximum: 50,000 NGN Email address verification and pin creation are daily requirements.

Tier 2 Yellow Card Account

Identity verification is a daily requirement, with an account limit of NGN 2,000,000.

Tier 3 Yellow Card Account

Account Cap: 50,000,000 NGN
Account Statements are required as proof of income.

Referral for a Yellow Card

By introducing your friends, family, and coworkers to the Yellow Card app to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, you may get passive revenue on your Yellow Card account.

You get a 20% referral fee on each purchase and sell transaction each client you recommend to Yellow Card makes.

Go to Account and choose "Refer and Earn" to acquire your referral link. Share your referral link with your relatives and friends by copying it.

You earn more money the more individuals you recommend. On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and others, you may post your referral links.

Yellow Card Resignation

The Yellow Card app always allows withdrawals; you may do so whenever you want from either a supported fiat wallet or a cryptocurrency wallet. While withdrawing from an external crypto wallet is free, you are charged a network fee for the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing. Withdrawing from a local currency wallet costs 100 naira.

Registration using a Yellow Card

Yellow Card enrollment is quick and easy, and it takes under two minutes to sign up. For instructions on how to register, see below.

From the Playstore or App Store, download the Yellow Card app.
Open the app and choose "Get started" to establish an account.
Your phone number must be entered without the leading "0."
The Referral Code is 95090488.
To proceed, click "Next" after that.
You must verify your phone number in order to continue, which you can do by choosing to receive a verification code through SMS, USSD, or WhatsApp.
your email address is required.
After providing your selected password, click "Done."

You've been granted access to your Yellow Card account.

Login With Yellow Card

The Yellow Card App requires the following to log in or join up.

Phone Number Four-Digit Yellow Card Pin Password


Purchasing cryptocurrency using your local cash is fairly easy.
Transfers of money and cryptocurrencies are free for Yellow Card owners.
The cost is quite inexpensive.


There are few features.
A higher account level is necessary for buying and selling Ethereum.
The only available cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum.
Yellow Card charges exorbitant mining fees for bitcoin.

Is Yellow Card a scam or legitimate?

With offices in over 14 different African nations and its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, Yellow Card is a cryptocurrency exchange in Africa that is expanding quickly. The platform Yellowcard is legitimate; it is registered with the C.A.C. (Corporate Affairs Commission) in Nigeria under the name "Yellow Card Financial Nigeria Limited" and the business registration number RC - 1502209.

A Conclusion

Yellow Card is a safe and secure platform to use if you wish to purchase, sell, or store cryptocurrencies. Any queries you may have should be posted in the comments section below. I appreciate you reading this and your time.

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