Why doesn't Google list my blogspot in the results?

Why doesn't Google list my blogspot in the results?

Why doesn't Google list my blogspot in the results? 

You might be wondering why your Blogspot blog isn't appearing in Google search results if you have one. Your blog may not be showing up in searches for a number of reasons, from technical problems with how your site is set up to issues with the caliber of your material. 

In this post, we'll look at a few probable causes for your Blogspot blog not appearing in Google searches as well as possible solutions. It's crucial to comprehend how to optimize your site for search engines whether you're a seasoned blogger or fresh to the scene in order to receive the recognition and traffic you deserve.

Possible explanations for why the blog does not appear in Google searches

Your Blogspot blog may not be appearing in Google search results for a number of reasons. Among the most typical explanations are:

Google has not yet indexed the blog since it is too new

It can take some time for Google to find and index your newly established blog. Depending on a number of variables, including the caliber of your material and how regularly you update your blog, this process might take a few days to a few weeks.

The blog is not set up for search engines correctly: 

Google needs to be able to access and crawl your pages in order to comprehend and index your blog. Google might not be able to see your blog if it is not set up correctly for search engines.

The blog has scant or poor-quality content:

If your blog doesn't adhere to Google's guidelines for high-quality, pertinent, and helpful material, it may not appear in search results. On the other side, your blog may not be listed highly in search results if it contains sparse material or information that offers the reader little value.

Google has taken manual action against the blog or penalized it: 

Your blog could be subject to a manual action or penalty if it has inadvertently broken one of Google's rules, which might reduce its visibility in search results.

Negative SEO strategies are being used to attack the blog: 

It could not appear in search results if someone is trying to harm your blog's search rankings using strategies like spamming backlinks.

How to resolve the Blogspot not appearing in searches issue

There are various methods you may take to diagnose and repair the issue if your Blogspot blog is not appearing in Google search results:

Check Google Search Console to see if the blog has been indexed: 

A free tool called Google Search Console enables you to keep track of and maintain the visibility of your blog in Google searches. You may determine whether there are any technical issues keeping Google from indexing your pages by monitoring the crawl status of your blog in the Search Console.

Make sure the blog's settings on Blogspot are adjusted to allow search engines to index it:

 You may select whether or not search engines can see your blog in the Blogspot settings. In order to let Google to index your pages, make sure this option is set to "Yes."

Examine and raise the blog's content standard: Examine your blog's material to see if it is of a high standard, pertinent, and educational. If not, think about enhancing the quality of your content to raise the likelihood that it will do well in search results.

Check Google Search Console for any manual actions or sanctions: 

Google will show any manual actions or penalties against your blog in Search Console. If you notice a manual action or penalty, you can follow Google's instructions to fix the situation and restore your blog to good status.

Utilize tools to look for bad SEO assaults, then take remedial action: You may use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to look for spammy backlinks and take action to delete them if you believe someone is attempting to hurt your blog's search rankings using negative SEO techniques.


Finally, there are a number of potential causes for your Blogspot blog not to appear in Google search results. Negative SEO techniques, manual action or penalties from Google, issues with the technical configuration of your blog, concerns with the caliber of your material, and other factors might all fall under this category. You can check the crawl status of your blog in Google Search Console, make sure that it is set to be indexed by search engines, review and improve the quality of your content, look for any manual actions or penalties, and use tools to look for negative SEO attacks to troubleshoot and fix the problem. You can increase your Blogspot blog's visibility in Google searches and earn the traffic and interaction you deserve by following these steps.

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