Payrolekit Reviews - Scam or Legit, All you Need To Know Before you Sign Up.

Payrolekit Reviews - Scam or Legit, All you Need To Know Before you Sign Up.

You are welcome to this platform, previously we wrote a review about cashcrates.co which claim to be an income programe that pays users while completing some tasks on their website, meanwhile it scam people of their information and sell it to third parties.

We mostly write reviews on online income program concerning how you can make money while at your comfort zone and also guide you to beware of some fake online income programs.

Today am going to tell you about the newly online income program which is currently trending on the internet.

Disclosure: We independently research and write reviews on online income programs and we try to avoid leading people into scam.Please contact; [email protected] with proof if any program starts a scam related activity so we can report them and save more people from harm.

Table Of Contents
Above are the topics of am going to write on concerning payrolekit.com.ng.
Now, I will be explaining each of this topics above. for better understanding I urge you to calm down and read every pieces of this writing. Let's begin.....

1. What Is Payrolekit All about

PAYROLEKIT is a social Media platform which is newly launched as at the time of this lockdown to help people make small money while in their various homes, especially students. 
Just like other income program, it enable users to earn while doing some activities on the Website. 
The activities which enable users to earn money include the following;

  • Referring others
  • Reading News
  • Sharing sponsor post on your social media platforms
  • Daily login

2. How Does Payrolekit Works.

Below are the details on how payrolekit works;
1.Registration Bonus: once you sign up and become a member of payrolekit, you earn 500 points bonus instantly.

2.Reading News: Reading a single post earn you 10 points, so as many as you can read more post you earn more points.

3.Daily Login:  login in every day to your dashboard earn bonus of 50 points.

4.Sharing Sponsored Posts: You earn 100 points for sharing sponsored posts to you social Media accounts.

5.Commenting On Post: earn you 10 points.

6.Submitting post: If you a good content creator, you can earn more points by writing and submitting post to earn you 50 points.

7.Referral: if you invite any of your friend to join the program with your referral link, you will be paid a commission of N500. If you refer more users you earn more money.

3. Payrolekit Registration - How To Join Payrolekit.

Payrolekit activities for earning are simple just like SUNBIZ FORUM.
Below are the requirements for joining payrolekit;
  • One time registration fee of N1100
  • visit website "www.payrolekit.com.ng"
  • Get a coupon code 
  • Click on register
  • Input coupon code
  • Fill the form 

Boom!!!, you are  now a verified member you can start earning .

4. Is Payrolekit A Scam Or It's Legit

Team INCREDIBLE MEDIA can't pronounce this site to be a scam or legit site, because as at the time of writing this article, no complaint has been made by a user concerning any fraudulent act.

But you can help us to improve this PLAYROLEKIT REVIEW by dropping a comment below because your comment can be of help to us.

We are not paid to promote payrolekit or paid for any form of spoiling their reputation, This article is aimed at enlightening you about payrolekit income program.

Thanks for visiting our website......

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