How to set up a Remitano Blockchain RENEC wallet

How to set up a Remitano Blockchain RENEC wallet


How to set up a Remitano Blockchain RENEC wallet

This tutorial will guide you through the Remitano platform's RENEC wallet creation procedure. Users may buy and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and RENEC on the peer-to-peer exchange Remitano. You may easily purchase, sell, and store your RENEC coins if you have a RENEC wallet on the Remitano platform. RENEC is a new, well-liked cryptocurrency that was established on the Remitano Blockchain. We'll go through everything you need to set up and operate your RENEC wallet on Remitano. By the conclusion of this lesson, you will understand how to use the Remitano platform and how to safely keep your RENEC tokens.

Five steps to creating a RENEC wallet

The methods listed below may be used to create a RENEC wallet quickly and easily:

1. visit wallet.renec.foundation to get into your RENEC wallet. There is a Mainnet and Testnet Switching area in the top right corner of the screen. To guarantee that all RENEC deposits and withdrawals are processed via the Mainnet RENEC Wallet, choose the Mainnet tab.

2. From the drop-down option, choose "Create wallet."

3. You will be given a seed phrase, which is a string of words you may use to get back into your wallet if you lose it. You must save this seed phrase in a secure location. One of two options is:

*Click “I have stored these words in a secure place.” and then “Download Backup Mnemonic File (Required)” and save this file in a safe area that only you know. This file includes the seed phrase and may be opened using your computer’s default text editor.
*Manually copy the Seed Words/Phrase to a text file and keep it someplace safe on your computer or on paper.

4. Paste the seed words you saved in step 3 and click “Verify” to confirm you saved the right seed phrase.

5. Create a wallet password. If you don't want to create a password, you may skip this optional step that will increase the wallet's security. Finally, choose "Create Wallet" from the menu.

Congratulations for generating a RENEC wallet successfully! It may now be used to store, receive, and broadcast RENEC.

You must always keep in mind that your seed phrase and Mnemonic file are the sole keys to your wallet, so be sure to protect them. All of the money in your wallet might be lost if a seed phrase or Mnemonic file is misplaced or stolen.

How to use the RENEC wallet to send and receive RENEC tokens

You need access to your wallet address to transfer or receive RENEC.

Sending RENEC

You must choose the "Send" option in your RENEC wallet in order to send RENEC. After you've done so, fill out the "Receiver Address" area with the wallet address of the recipient and the "Amount" field with the amount of RENEC you intend to give. To begin the RENEC sending process after inputting this data, click the "Send" button. Please be aware that sending RENEC will incur a modest transfer charge of 0.000005 RENEC.

Receiving RENEC

Click the "Receive" button in your RENEC wallet to send RENEC. Your wallet address will be shown below, which you can then provide to the sender. They will send RENEC to your wallet using this address. Additionally, you may provide the sender your QR code so they can quickly scan it and transfer RENEC to your wallet.
Restoration of a RENEC wallet

To recover a previously made RENEC wallet, follow these steps:

1. visit wallet.renec.foundation to get into your RENEC wallet.

2. From the menu, choose "Restore wallet."

3. Enter the secret phrase or seed phrase that you saved when you originally created your wallet in the appropriate field. This seed phrase, which consists of a string of 12 to 24 words and is used to access your wallet, has to be maintained in a safe place.

4. Create a password to increase security further. You will need to enter your wallet's password in order to retrieve your wallet if you previously set one on the same Chrome browser profile.

5. Click the "Restore" button located at the bottom of the page. When you access your wallet, you will be sent to the main wallet account screen.

6. Place your mouse in the top right corner of the browser window, choose "Account," and then choose "Delete Mnemonic & Log out" to leave the wallet.

7. You must paste your login seed phrase in order to finish the sign-out procedure.

Please keep in mind that if you forget your password, you may access the wallet website by opening a new incognito browser window and typing in your seed phrase. This will allow you to retrieve your wallet.

A Conclusion

And last, setting up a RENEC wallet on Remitano is simple. By using the instructions in this article, you may easily create your own RENEC wallet and start keeping track of your RENEC transactions. It's crucial to keep in mind that the only means to access your wallet are your seed phrase and Mnemonic file. Additionally, make sure you are on the Mainnet network at all times before transmitting or receiving RENEC, and pay attention to the network cost while doing so. You may quickly save, transfer, and receive RENEC now that your RENEC wallet has been set up on Remitano.

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